Research Group Members in Heidelberg
Head of Group
  • Dr. Alexey Kazarnikov

    STRUCTURES Exploratory Project: ‘Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Mathematical Models of Self-Organization and Biological Pattern Formation’

  • Dr. Yoshihito Kazashi

    STRUCTURES Exploratory Project: ‘Multilevel Monte Carlo for Lattice Field Theory’

  • Dr. Chupeng Ma

    Homogenization, Multiscale Methods, Finite Element Method

  • Linus Seelinger

    Uncertainty Quantification, High Performance Computing, Multiscale Methods

PhD Students
  • Robert Kutri

    Numerical Analysis of Random Field Generation

  • Arne Strehlow

    Geometric Priors in inverse PDE Problems

Affiliated Members
  • Jean Benezech (Postdoc at Bath)

    Scalable Localized Model Order Reduction Applied to Composite Aero-Structures (CerTest Project)

  • Tomas Chuaqui (Postdoc at Bath)

    Benchmark Simulations of Aerospace Composites in Abaqus (CerTest Project; w. R. Butler, Mech. Eng)

  • Ole Klein (W2 Professor for Numerical Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification; 1 Semester Replacement)

    Geostatistical Inversion and Data Assimilation Techniques; Random Field Generation

  • Tom Pennington (PhD Student at Bath)

    Towards faster geometric MCMC (SAMBa CDT Studentship; w. Karim Anaya-Izquierdo)

  • Paul Rohrbach (PhD Student at Cambridge)

    Numerical analysis of a new multi-scale simulation method (Leverhulme Research Grant; w. R. Jack)

  • Simon Weissmann (Postdoc with JProf. Jakob Zech at Heidelberg)

    Multilevel Estimation of Rare Events

  • Josephine Westermann (PhD Student jointly with JProf. Jakob Zech at Heidelberg)

    Sparse Grid Approaches for Density Approximation and for Measure Transport

Former Members
  • Dr. Alexander D. Gilbert

    High-dimensional Integration, Numerical Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification

  • Hideki Kobayashi

    Self-consistent coarse-graining in soft-matter systems (Leverhulme Research Grant)

  • Dr. Tobias Siems

    Changepoint Analysis, Recursive Bayesian Estimation, Probabilistic Graphical Models

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